DP DyersHigh quality textile finishing service


Records show there has been a dye house on our current location since 1796, becoming a piece dye house in 1928. The soft pennine water and topography of the countryside made it the perfect location for textile dyeing and finishing – this is as true today as it was 200 years ago. In 1975 the dye house became a wholly owned subsidiary of WT Johnson and was renamed D P Dyers Ltd.

WT Johnson & Sons Ltd, are a world renowned textile finisher of fine wool and worsted blends with a reputation for innovation, quality and investment. This business philosophy has enabled DP Dyers to become the state of the art dye house that it is today.


As part of the WT Johnson Group, DP Dyers have been an integral part of a high quality textile finishing service, gaining experience and expertise in the dyeing of some of the world’s finest fabrics and delicate fibres. Our knowledge of natural woven fabrics such as mohair, cashmere and Vicuna is unrivalled, and equally our skills are applied to synthetic woven fabrics for commercial use.