Colour laboratoryLab dying machinery


Our policy of continuous investment in the latest technology has created a modern and flexible 21st century dye house.

Colour laboratory

Our colour laboratory is a crucial part of our operation. It contains a computerised match prediction system. This system measures colour with a spectrophotometer and then calculates the required recipe. As a result we are able to offer accurate computer controlled colour matching and provide consistency and faithful colour reproduction time and time again.

The laboratory also contains machinery for producing small shade samples. These are used for trials prior to bulk dyeing or to create customer shade cards. The lab dyeing machines dispense small amounts of dye extremely accurately.


Flexibility and efficiency are two of our values. We have invested in a range of different machinery to cater for fabrics of different fibres and in different quantities. This includes the ability to dye fabric on three different dyeing systems – winch / jet / jig.